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A new generation system for automation and visualization of smart objects based on the KNX standard. Combining all devices into one integrated system provides new living comfort.

  • Using the latest programming techniques (Microsoft .NET 4.0, WPF, WCF)
  • KNX connection via USB, RS232, EIBLib, NETIP Tunneling, NETIP Routing interface
  • Supports up to 255 IP gateways connections in a single system
  • Unlimited number of group addresses (Data Points, Tags)
  • Enormous data transfer, up to 10,000 telegrams per second
  • Monitoring and caching of KNX communication
  • Recording, analysis and reports of archived data
  • Autoupdate the entire system
  • Centralized system configuration and maintenance
  • Connection over 1,000 clients
Vavei server

Innovative vaveiServer software visualizes, connects and manages all smart home technologies in a comfortable and easy way. The interfaces and modules take care of the smooth operation and synchronization of the KNX electrical installation with audio zones, home cinema, alarm, communication devices, internet and other integrated smart home systems. The innovative and comprehensive concept of the functionality of the vavei module enables easy and simple central management of the entire technology of the facility. vaveiServer is the basis of the vavei-home system.

  • vaveiClient is a modern and intuitive user interface with project visualization
  • The user has a clear insight into the information and state of the system
  • The user can manage the entire system very easily and without IT knowledge
  • Great attention is paid to the design and ease of use on touch-screen monitors, mobile phone or with a remote control
Vavei client

The system works by connecting clients to a server via a computer network and sending messages using a communication service, which contain commands or requests to read the system. The server forwards the received messages to the KNX bus and vice versa. The server also registers complete communication on the KNX-bus system and forwards messages to all connected clients. Each client processes, reacts and displays the received data depending on the project for which he is in charge, thus relieving the entire system. On the server, the complete communication and system status can be archived in a database and used for energy efficiency analysis, various reports, graphical displays and system monitoring. In a similar way, the server controls alarms, machines, home and multimedia devices.

  • Button division and control saves space on the project
  • Simple drag & drop design, positioning, scaling, rotating, changing shape and resizing
  • The button and control are easily adapted to the needs of the project, using various colors and transparency
  • The standard symbol library enables fast and efficient application of the component
  • By entering group addresses, the component is ready for use and testing
  • Display of the current position, if the actuators provide position information
  • Rotation of control in all directions, thus all directions of movement and rotation of lamellas are supported
  • The control automatically adjusts to the resolution and uses the maximum space for navigation
  • Modern and intuitive control design offers users the ability to gradually or permanently move or rotate the lamellas
Vavei designer

vaveiDesigner is a software application for visualization of KNX installations in smart homes made according to the world standard for building automation. Certified KNX partners can visualize their projects in a very simple and efficient way and thus manage smart home installations from a central location. For modern and practical creation of visualization, graphic knowledge is not required because all components are predefined and can be adapted for each project and all user needs. Users see their facility clearly and without much training, they simply and intuitively use the vavei system. vavei is the first visualization application made in Microsoft .NET technology such as WPF and WCF.

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MDT technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of KNX products in Germany. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, MDT was awarded the title of TOP-100. The best quality with a good cost-performance ratio, a user-oriented mindset and close and productive cooperation with customers are the key values ​​of our company.

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Inspiration, dedication and passion have led Salto to become one of the world's best manufacturers in the hotel and electronic access control systems sector in just over 15 years. Our commitment to improving the accessibility, comfort and safety of guests and staff through innovative technology in world-class hotels has led to exceptional customer satisfaction.

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Incorporate new technologies that offer exciting business management opportunities to your hotel, giving it the advantage of standing out from everyone else. Mobile phones are an unavoidable thing that travelers carry on vacation. Research shows that 2 out of 3 online hotel reservations are made via a smartphone. In this way, mobile access presents new business opportunities for your hotel, improving both the guest experience and the hotel business.

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Be part of the latest hotel management, with a great understanding of the hotel business and the needs of guests, while providing the most advanced security management system for hotel facilities.

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Akuvox is the world's leading manufacturer of smart intercomes. It is dedicated to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people's lives through better communication, greater security and more convenience. With a modern design and extremely easy to use, Akuvox smart intercoms use a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for intelligent access to buildings or home control.

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MDT dimming aktuator
MDT bus power
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Weinzierl develops, manufactures and places on the market complex software and hardware components for building systems. The focus is on building networks based on the KNX standard. Because of this focus, we comprehensively cover the KNX system with our products and solutions. In addition, we offer network gateways as well as software solutions for other standards.

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Weinzierl Engineering GmbH develops software and hardware components for construction technologies. We are focused on building controls based on open technologies such as KNX, EnOcean, Modbus and others. This ensures the sustainability of our products for our customers.

  • Development from a single source
  • Complete support
  • Own software and tools
  • Efficient modules for KNX
  • System devices for KNX
  • Powerful KNX warehouses
  • Competent team
  • Good network within the KNX community

The high quality of our products and the orientation of customers to our services are a trademark recognized by our customers. Our high quality standards are established by ISO 9001 certification and our internal Quality Management System.

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Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of the world's leading manufacturers of switching (chopper) power supplies. The product line includes over 9,000 standard models that are widely used in the fields of medicine, automation, communication, LED lighting, mobile advertising and office automation.

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EAE Technology offers innovative and elegant solutions for KNX applications. All their products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in Istanbul, Turkey. EAE Technology products are compatible with international standards such as KNX, DALI, TCP / IP and WiFi.

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Your home works better when your home and smart products work together. EAE smart home technology solutions make your life easier with reliable, intelligent and user-friendly devices. With a single device, everyone in your family can control lights, blinds, temperature, security, etc.

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The EAE GRMS system (Guest Room Management System) is designed to provide a superior and fulfilling experience for your guests. This intelligent product is based on interactive technology that provides an exceptional experience that your visitors will remember.

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EAE KNX commercial and industrial construction solutions are flexible, comprehensive and meet all customer requirements. EAE Technology products are designed to manufacturer-independent standards, making system extensions possible with any other KNX product.