KNX pametna kuca


Your home works better when your home and smart products work together. BES smart home technology solutions make life easier with reliable and intelligent devices tailored to the user. With just one device, everyone in your family can control lights, blinds, temperature, security and more.


Life gets busy — but when your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use system, it helps take away some of those daily little stresses. A true smart home makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.

Smart technology allows you to turn on/off the entire house when leaving or arriving, start a playlist instantly in every room, receive feedback if unlocked doors require your attention, and enjoy lights that manage themselves so you never come home to a dark house again.

Be safe and always connected!

With a modern design and extremely easy to use, smart intercoms use a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for intelligent access to buildings and home control. Thanks to the latest technologies, they fit the requirements of greater security, convenience and smart modern living. Facing business challenges such as increasing productivity and resource efficiency, these smart solutions bring together voice, video, security, access control and more.


KNX is the only standard for automation of commercial and residential buildings. Its application achieves the best solutions in the field of lighting control, blinds, air conditioning, energy consumption, controling audio/video systems, white goods... It is suitable for connection with other standards for lighting management (DALI, DMX), security video surveillance systems and fire protection. It has a wide application: from public buildings, hotel solutions, all the way to the system management in apartments.


The KNX interface is user-oriented


Security without compromise


Enjoy comfort and save energy


Automate the space in which you live according to your requirements

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Next KNX training:

10.06.2024. - 14.06.2024.

We invite you to attend our upcoming KNX Basic training. The training is held according to the international plan and program of the KNX Association from Brussels.
Novi Sad, Serbia


The KNX standard implies mutual compatibility of products from different manufacturers, so if you want to change a device for any reason (to change functionality, meet other aesthetic requirements, etc.), you can always do the same with devices from other manufacturers that produce in the KNX standard.

The KNX standard manages devices that are connected according to the "star" principle and thus achieves security in the operation of the system, even in a situation where the management of a single device is not possible for any reason. In that situation, other devices will work smoothly without it.

The KNX standard enables uninterrupted operation of devices even during power outages, because the devices are independently programmed and are not conditioned by the operation of any central unit (whose interruption in some other standards can cause crashing the entire system).

KNX standard successfully communicates with all known standards for lighting management: DALI, DMX as well as with video surveillance systems, access control, fire alarm, burglary alarm...

KNX pametan hotel


The GRMS system (Guest Room Management System) is designed to provide the guest with a high level of comfort during the stay, a management system that easily controls the hotel facilities and at the same time achieves significant savings (energy, finances...).


In addressing business challenges such as increasing productivity and resource efficiency, smart solutions that bring together voice, video, security and access are widely applicable. These are access control systems for the business sector with unprecedented flexibility.

Whether solutions are needed for the hospitality or any other industry, these intelligent products are based on interactive technology that provides an exceptional experience that users will remember. These products are focused on providing hotels and businesses with the highest level of comfort, easiness and control, enabling them to provide an outstanding experience to their guests and customers.

KNX poslovni objekti


KNX systems for business and industrial facilities are flexible and comprehensive systems designed to meet all customer needs. The KNX system contributes to significant energy savings and facility management and maintenance.


We are proud of the largest network of KNX business partners in the country and the region . We offer our partners design, advice, equipment, professional education, promotion and support in work. We always put quality and a high level of service in the first place in order to achieve long-term cooperation. We want all our partners to grow and develop together with us.

Our partners who have successfully completed the Basic course in our Training center today participate in the implementation of projects from hotel solutions in Germany, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in many residential buildings in Serbia ...